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Founder Daniel Cutler was raised on a mix of hip-hop, cuss words and custom clothing. His grandfather was a drill sergeant turned tailor while his uncle founded a gangsta rap empire. 
Founder Daniel Cutler with Eazy-E, circa 1994.
It’s no secret that apparel manufacturing is one of the most environmentally harmful industries on the planet. That said, reducing our environmental footprint is a priority, not an afterthought. There is always room for improvement and as we launch we are far from the model of sustainability that we aim to be. However, some earth-friendly choices we’ve made so far include: 
- Our t-shirts are made in LA from 100% Recycled Cotton.
- Our packaging is intentionally minimal. We use oxo-biodegradable mailer bags to reduce packaging waste.
- Our cotton suppliers adhere to Fair Labor Association guidelines & workplace code of conduct.
If you notice something about our practices that requires attention or if you have any questions, please reach out: